Dozer Day Grants

The Nutter Foundation and sponsors are now accepting grants to bring children with mental and mobility challenges to Dozer Day  for a a private event tailored especially for them.
These courageous kids get first dibs at Dozer Day free of charge, thanks to Dozer Day’s Top Sponsors: Chuck’s Produce, RDO/Vermeer, Waste Connections, Papé Machinery, Les Schwab Tire Company, NW Natural, Nutter Corporation and DirtLogic.
Dozer Day will also be hosting a career fair with job opportunities for people 18+ years old.
This is just one example of how the Nutter Foundation and their partners make a difference through Dozer Day.

To view the entire list of Nutter Foundation Grant Recipients click here

About the Nutter Foundation:

The Nutter Family Foundation is a private foundation established in 2006 that focuses on the needs of children; believing that when children are given the opportunity to develop their talents, society thrives.

The Nutter Foundation’s primary contribution is our signature annual event, Dozer Day, that puts kids in the driver’s seat of real heavy construction equipment, fire engines, an ambulance and much more while educating about building sustainable communities, industry opportunities and public safety. Excess funds generated by Dozer Day also provide funding for children’s charities; with non-profits that volunteer to help with the event receiving first-priority for grant fulfillment. This special prioritization, is a practical way the Nutter Foundation encourages children to develop a core-value of giving back to their community. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors which make the final decision on all grants and expenditures made by the Foundation.

Non-profit children’s organizations that are interested in applying for a grant, please thoroughly read the Nutter Foundations grant application and guidelines before proceeding.


The Foundation accepts grants from March 1st through June 15th of each year. Grants may be made in the following forms (please be specific about the form of grant you are requesting):

  • One-time grants (single-year grants for a specific purpose)
  • Start-up program grants
  • Challenge or matching grants.

Grants that WILL NOT be considered:

  • Grants to individuals for any purpose
  • Grants to religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Grants to international organizations that do not have a qualified domestic 501(c)(3) representation
  • Grants to private foundations (other than operating foundations)
  • Community grant requests over $5,000
  • Grants to fund staff
  • Grants for political purposes
  • Grants for lobbying activities
  • Grants for purposes outside of the foundation’s funding priorities as listed in the prior section.

To be assured your group will receive funds, your group is encouraged to serve as volunteers at Dozer Day.

Visit our volunteer page for details.



(Please thoroughly read before proceeding)


Step 1:


Applicants must use the Nutter Foundation
Grant Application Form when applying.


Step 2:


Include the following:


  • One-page cover letter summarizing the project, the timetable, the amount requested, and how you will represent the partnership with the Nutter Foundation on the project
  • A completed application
  • All attachments referenced in the application


Step 3:


Email the completed document to


The Nutter Foundation will notify you if additional information is required for your grant application package. The Foundation reserves the right to hold consideration of incomplete grant requests until the next grant consideration date.


Frequency of Application: Although projects may be well-designed and well-conceived, the Foundation receives numerous grant requests and is unable to fund all projects. Applicants may make only one application per year, whether successful in receiving a grant or not. Grant applications and/or materials are not returned.

Other Requirements: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, organizations receiving funds from the Nutter Family Foundation must provide a certified statement that the funds received have been used for the purpose intended. This statement, which must be signed by the nonprofit’s Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, must be mailed to the Foundation no later than 12 months after the date such funds are awarded.