Questions and Answers

What is DOZER DAY?

Dozer Day is like going to a fair only our rides are real heavy construction equipment. Kids hop in the driver’s seat and actually drive dozers, excavators and other heavy equipment with a professional operator at their side. Not only is it a dream-come-true for kids (and fun for the whole family), the event also benefits many children’s charities.

When is Dozer Day?

The next Dozer Day event will be held Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st, 2020, from 11am to 4 pm. We also have VIO “Very Important Operator” time available for sponsors only before gates open to the public. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, visit our Sponsors page.

How much does Dozer Day cost and where can I get tickets?

Purchase tickets early to save money and avoid the long ticket lines on the day of the event. You can purchase tickets securely online or at participating Chuck’s Produce, Columbia Banks, or Riverview Community Banks. Tickets are good for either day but not both. You must purchase a ticket for each day you attend Dozer Day. Admission is $8 for children (ages 2 – 12) and seniors (60+), $10 for adults and free for those under 2 years old. Tickets on the day of the event are $11 for kids and seniors and $13 for adults. Once admission is paid, the cost of most activities inside the event are free, including equipment rides.

Where is Dozer Day held?

Dozer Day will be at Lance County Event Center. 796 W. 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402.

What does the fairgrounds charge for parking?

The fairgrounds charges $6.00 to park and only accepts cash.

What is the ideal age for Dozer Day?

Dozer Day has activities for kids of all ages. When it comes to the construction equipment the younger kids get more help from the operators then the older ones. In addition to the heavy equipment there is also an ambulance and firetruck to climb in and around, PUD activities, and lots of sand and construction toys to play with as well. For the bigger kids… If you and the operator fit in the cab together you are good to go! Climb on in, grab the controls and have fun. If you are in the biggest kid category (Yes this includes adults) there are activities geared just for you as well. Have you ever wanted to drive a backhoe? excavator? roller? now’s your chance. Hop in and drive by yourself! In addition to that there is also a scavenger hunt, and shooting for prizes game that caters to big kids as well.

Can the ticket I purchased be used either day?

Dozer Day tickets can be used either day but in order to attend two days you will need two tickets. You need one ticket per day/per person.

Can we get a grant for Dozer Day tickets?

If you are a children’s not-for-profit organization you may be eligible for free or reduced-price tickets. Visit the Grants page to download a grant application.

Are Dozer Day tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable but the money does go to many great charities.

Who are the main sponsors for Dozer Day?

Dozer Day is sponsored by many local businesses who are vested in their community. For information on becoming a sponsor or to see a detailed list of sponsors visit: Dozer Day Sponsorship Opportunities

Can I volunteer to help at Dozer Day?

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! For more information, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Are animals and/or smoking allowed at Dozer Day?

No pets are allowed unless they are service animals and please, no smoking.

Where did Dozer Day Start?

The first “Dozer Day” was held in Wisconsin hosted by Halquist Stone and benefited local schools. The Nutter Foundation acquired the rights to the Dozer Day trademarks and event, so that now Dozer Day can grow throughout the United States.